What to look for when buying a safe for the first time

what to look for when buying a safe for the first time

Most people when buying an important product, like to do their research to make sure they are getting value for money. Buying a safe is no different.

When purchasing a safe you need to realise the product you’re investing in is going to be trusted to store and protect your most valued items. So make sure your decision is the right one as most likely the safe will be still around long after you’re gone, and be passed down through the family. Therefore, the choice you make needs to provide you with confident and peace of mind that it will protect your belongings safely and securely.

A safe purchase is like any other purchase scenario, the more you pay, the better quality product you get.

We have set out below some tips on the best way to navigate your way through the many different safes on the market. We will help you compare safes in order to make the right purchasing decision.

What to consider when buying safe?

Firstly you need to research the well known safe brands such as CMI safes, Chubb safes, Burg Wachter safes, and Ardel safes, just to mention a few. By doing this, you will start to educate yourself on safes and the questions you need to consider to a great starting point, and before you know it, all the right information you need in a safe will be had.

Some practical questions to ask yourself that will help in assisting you get the ideal safe for your needs are:

  • What is it you want to protect? (cash, valuables, documents, data media?)
  • What size safe do you need?
  • What location will you place the safe?
  • What is the value of the contents to be stored?

Keeping the answers to these questions on hand will help assist you when you’re browsing through the many safes available so as to eliminate ones that don’t meet your requirements.

A good rule to follow so you can be assured the safe you’re considering purchasing will provide its protection the manufacturer are stating it does is make sure it has a burglary protection certification label or fire protection certification label on the inside back of the door. This will guarantee you it has been tested and certified to provide the fire & burglary resistance it shows. This is crucial as the main reason your investing in a safe is so it delivers what it says it will, so the protection from theft and burglary is extremely important, and a great security product to have at home to keep your valuable safe and sound. Although you have already started to look for a safe offering burglary & theft protection, I know this otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this blog, so it only makes sense you make sure the safe has not only certified burglary protection but also certified fire protection as the extra small cost is a lot less than you think, then you can have peace of mind knowing your valuables are safe & secure away from the threat of fire & burglary.

This being said, apart from your expensive items being stored, your confidential and important documents such as passports, wills, financial records, property deeds and other sentimental & irreplaceable items. 

It’s worth mentioning although we have touched on burglary protection, this is similar to cash rating which is a certification that insurance companies base their insurance cover on. It works similar to this if you combine the value of all the contents being stored in the safe for example jewellery, cash, expensive items, etc and for this example scenario it comes to a total value of $80k. The insurance company would want your safe to have a cash rating of $80k or more. This is a standard theory applied but basically it is always advisable to check this with your own insurance company. Its worth noting that most insurance companies will give a greater cover over a safes contents if the safe is kept on a premises with either a standard alone alarm or back to base monitored alarm.

If you start to collate all this safe information together it should help you determine the right safe for you.

Oh I did miss one thing, locking option and my opinion on this, although you have key locking and dial locking, digital locking is the best choice every time. They are safe, secure, convenient, no keys to carry, no dialing that can become frustrated if you’re not used to it, and also you can change the code simply, easily & quickly as many times as you like, and you’ll never have to pay for a Locksmith or Safe Technician again.

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