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In addition to our new safe collection, Safeguard Safes also stocks up to 300 pre-used, second hand and pre-loved safes and filing cabinets. These are all premium branded safes that are known throughout the industry as having excellent security features and are constructed to the highest of standards.

Our pre-owned safes make for a great worthwhile investment. We sell safes that are already refurbished and we also sell the safes in their original state with the additional refurbishment work offered as an optional extra. This means that our team can strip, repair, fabricate and spray them, bringing it back to its original glory. With regular maintenance, servicing and care of your refurbished safe, you can expect to be able to use it for years to come with no problems. There are many different styles of safes available, including old fashioned, high security, antique style, and ultra -high-security safes.

If you are looking for a refurbished safe or pre-owned safe, we stock a wide variety of brands and are the leading supplier of Guardall Safes.


Not only do we stock pre-owned and refurbished safes, but we also buy them, and will arrange for the pick-up, delivery, removal, refurbishment of any safe. We also deal with pre-used vaults and heavy duty strong room doors and will similarly assist you with their removal, purchase and transportation.

Whether you are looking to sell your safe or acquire a refurbished one, there are options for you to choose from with Safeguard Safes. Contact us today to find out more about the pre-owned and refurbished safes that we have on display.