Locktech Safes

In this blog we put the focus on Locktech Safes. The Locktech Safe brand is owned by Lock Focus which has its origins in the UK. It’s Australian operations being a design and manufacturing facilities were established in 1972 in Melbourne. Lock Focus manufactures a range of leading locking solutions for the commercial and residential markets […]

gun safes

Gun Safes

It is your responsibility when owning firearms that the highest level of protection is required to safely and securely lock them away from the threat of theft and to avoid accidents. The Ardel PS1 Pistol Safe is a heavy duty Australian made gun safe. This high quality safe is designed and engineered to Australian standards […]

ardel DC drug safe

Ardel DC Drug Safe

The Ardel DC drug safes are fully Australian made. The Ardel DC drug safe series are specifically designed to protect dangerous and addictive drugs such as S8. The Ardel steel drug cabinets offers excellent protection against forceful attack. All models are strongly constructed with 10 mm thick steel plate door and body. The protection anti-pry […]

rsm3 rifle safe modular

RSM3 Rifle Safe Modular

The RSM3 rifle safe modular is an Australian made heavy duty multi storage safe. This high quality multi storage rifle safe is designed and engineered to Australian standards and is fully compliant for the storage of rifles or long arm weapons. Each module can accommodate up to three rifles and they conform to level 1 […]