Safeguard Safes Covid19 update

COVID-19 Update

Safeguard Safes COVID-19 update The Victorian Government has provided clarity around what businesses and industries can continue to trade under COVID-19 Stage 4 Restrictions in the Melbourne Metropolitan area. The Department of Jobs, Precincts & Regions, and the Department of Health & Human Services have made available a comprehensive spreadsheet detailing those businesses that can […]

ardel drug safe

Ardel Drug Safes

Ardel drug safes are a high quality medical safe specifically designed and built in an Australia to Australian Healthy Department specifications for the secure storage of dangerous and addictive prescription drugs. The Ardel Drug Safe range will provide superior drug storage and protection against theft, misuse and attack. They are the preferred choice by Government […]

protect your staff and cash by purchasing an anti hold up cash management safe

Protect your safe and cash, purchase an anti hold up cash management safe. Prevent retail theft, buy an anti hold up safe

Anti hold up safe is used all over the world to protect businesses’ cash and safety. Theft from retail business in Australia is now a major factor in almost all criminal matters brought before Magistrate Courts with an estimated cost to the retail sector of $3 billion during a financial year. With thefts becoming more […]

fire proof safes

Fire Proof Safes – why they are essential in every home and office

Safeguard Safes supply stock on Australia’s largest selection of certified fire proof safes, fire proof document safes, fire proof filing cabinets and fire rated safes. All available and ready for quick delivery to every location throughout Australia from one of our Sydney safes, Melbourne safes, Adelaide safes, Perth safes and Canberra safes warehouses closest to […]

gunnebo safes and vaults

Gunnebo Safes & Vaults

Gunnebo Australia is the exclusive importer and distributor of the premium Chubb safes range of fine and security rated safes and vault products. History of Gunnebo Gunnebo is a young global company but it has a working industrial heritage spanning more than 250 years. The company takes its name from the village of Gunnebo in […]