A strong room door is basically any door that has been reinforced to act more like a safe, as a deterrent against external attacks and for the highest level of protection. Our GSA and UL certified strong room doors can range from slightly reinforced thin doors that resemble standard doors of a room to triple reinforced doors almost a metre thick.

These strong room doors can either be affixed to existing rooms, home safes or to vault rooms and safe rooms, depending on the level of security required. We can provide emergency exit configurations and optical devices that allow you to look inside or outside the vault.

Strongroom doors are required in instances where the entrance needs protection against intrusions as well as fire, theft, and flooding. Unlike most other security doors, our doors come with full stainless steel cladding, and can be used everywhere from bank vaults, precious metal storage or the storage of armoured vehicles.

Front locking or keyless locking doors can be inward or outward swinging, and we have safe door systems in place (that don’t rely on electricity) that will let you open the door from the inside, should you become accidently locked in. Access can be via a dial lock, key or keypad – whichever is most convenient for you.


At Safeguard Safes we understand that when it comes to vaults as well as vault doors, one size does not fit all. This is why we make sure that our vault doors can be engineered to complement our existing line of both custom and Customised modular and Customised Vault Doors. Also, we can also create a vault door that fits in with any existing vault you might have.

To learn more, contact Safeguard Safes to discuss your vault door installation and safety door design today.