Jewellery and Precious Metals Vaults

jewelry precious metal safe storage security

Many commercial and residential customers choose to invest their money in precious metals like gold bullion, sterling silver flatware or diamonds. Jewellery items such as pearl pendants, opal /ruby earrings, necklaces, gold bracelets or expensive watches also require a similar vault storage solution. Whichever you need to store, Safeguard Safes can assist you with everything from a MicroVault to an International Vault. These vaults offer high-end prevention against intrusion and theft.

Our Jewellery and precious metals storage vaults are made from Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 608 Rated Lightweight Vault Panels combined with a Gladiator Vault Door. Our MicroVaults offer you a much bigger interior storage space at a much lighter weight than a standard vault that is the same size. It can be constructed to meet your unique size configuration and needs, and this makes them easy to move or relocate should you need to do so. If your Jewellery and precious metals vault needs expand over time, you also have the option to get the Safeguard Safes Installation Team to add more panels and extend your vault.

Our Jewellery and precious metals vaults have the following qualities:

  • The provide more usable interior space
  • They are available in many differing sizes
  • They can be customised to meet your specific storage requirements
  • The weight less than half than the average vault
  • You can expand on them with ease

We are proud to say that we have helped many Australian clients looking for the perfect safe for their individual needs. Our hands-on approach means that of you have any questions or concerns that there is always someone just a phone call away to assist you. If you are not sure where to begin with the storage of your valuable items of Jewellery or precious metals, then you have come to the right place.

Please contact us today if you are looking for a General Services Administration (GSA) and UL certified Jewellery and precious metals vault.