Bank Vault and Safe Deposit Storage

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One of our core product offerings at Safeguard Safes is the provision of traditional bank vaults and safety deposit storage – something that we both design and provide. We have worked in the field for several decades and make sure that we stay abreast of the latest and leading vault technology that both local and international banking industry uses.

We offer a comprehensive range of bank, jewellery and safety deposit vaults as well as related products such as vault doors and day gates. Our vaults are built in compliance with certification and standards, making our vault doors and modular panels completely burglary resistant. Also, the materials used to make each vault, modular panel and vault door are an excellent quality.

Our products undergo regular, vigorous testing and updating to ensure that each one can provide you with a level of security able to withstand any challenges levelled at it. The quality and workmanship of our vault products meet the required Australian and International quality standards, and we are members of many prestigious associations that govern the safety, security and self-storage industry.

Contact us today to consult on and customise your perfect bank vault and safe deposit storage solution. Our engineers will work with you on each product we deliver, ensuring it is customised to your unique requirements and offers a level of security that cannot easily be matched. Once you have selected the perfect vault and we have customised it to your specifications, we can also assist you with its installation.

Safety Deposit Storage

A high-end safety deposit storage is perfect for the storage of documents including deeds, wills, titles, adoption records, stocks, birth certificates, divorce papers, citizenship records, military discharge, passports and bonds or heirlooms such as coin/stamp collections, jewels and more.

Whatever it is that you need to secure, it can be handled quickly and confidentially with Safeguard Safes.

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