Locktech Fire Resisting Filing Cabinet

Locktech Fire Resisting Filing Cabinet

If you are considering investing in a fire-proof filing cabinet safe, our security safe experts suggest you take a look at the Locktech SF680-EKK series and here is the reason why.

There are several fire resistant filing cabinets on the Australian market these days, and selecting a fire cabinet safe that you can trust to protect your private items can be difficult. So in this blog we have focused our attention on the Locktech SF680-4EKK Fire Resistant Filing Cabinet and the reasons why we believe it will offer all the features that is required in a high quality fire cabinet.

The SF680-4EKK offers a smooth and quiet suspension filing system to protect your important documents from fire and theft. It offers certified fire protection of 90 minutes tested standards by SPNT-Fire 017 90P (Furnace Temperature: 1010°C). It has adjustable hanger files to accommodate foolscap, suspension files, and legal size documents.

The selective locking system allows locking of any of the drawers either independently or collectively, with the master drawer being the top drawer controlling the lower drawers. Each drawer is capable of carrying close to 100 kg of files, way beyond its required standard capacity load. Each drawer compartment has individual protection in case of fire. Even if one drawer is left open.

The SF680-4EKK is available in various locking options including electronic digital locking, combination locking or standard key mechanism locking, but by far the most popular is electronic digital locking with individual key mechanism of each drawer.

The Locktech SF680 series has a 2 drawer version SF680-2EKK and 3 drawer version SF680-3EKK and the most popular version SF680-4EKK.

I have listed the dimensions of each 2, 3, and 4 drawer model for your convenience.

Product External Dimensions
HxWxD (mm)
Internal Dimensions
HxWxD (mm)
SF 680-2EKK
852 x 528 x 678 316 x 430 x 542
SF 680-3EKK
1216 x 528 x 678 316 x 430 x 542
SF 680-4EKK
1580 x 528 x 678 316 x 430 x 542

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