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High security safes will guarantee you the highest level of protection offering a higher cash rating along with a greater degree of physical protection for all your important documents and expensive valuables. Every home or business needs a security safe to guard all those precious possessions you have acquired over the years and not to mention all those important and irreplaceable family treasures. Items including confidential documents, family heirlooms such as your grandmother’s wedding ring or grandfather’s pocket watch, wedding photos, old family letters or diaries just to mention a few. Although some of these old time pieces hold very little monetary value to others, they are beloved personal memories to you and if they were stolen or damaged the loss would be devastating. 

You can avoid this and have complete peace of mind, if you were unfortunate for this to occur, by simply investing in a fire resistant home or [office safe]. If you buy a safe that has top rated security features, this will secure all your items in one secure safe location being in a fire rated and burglary rated safe. 

The modern methods criminals use to attack a safe will have little effect on a high quality security safe that has been designed and built to withstand the force of today’s powerful burglary tools. In the past few years, there has been a frightening increase in home robberies and because ordinary safes cannot withstand the varied methods used by today’s criminals who use lethal cutting weapons including high speed drills and angle grinders, oxy-acetylene, explosives & force, and other safe cracking tools.  If you have a low quality safe or cheap safe, they both usually hold very little security and are very light in weight and are mostly made of very thin metal that can be easily forced open in minutes. Or a hole can be cut in it in  a few seconds leaving the contents exposed to be stolen. 

These cheap safes are usually purchased from hardware stores and are not much more than a very thin metal container. So as well as being opened easily, they are more often than not just simply picked up and carried away to be opened at another location by the robber at his leisure.  If you buy a safe that is a security safe and it is strong, sturdy and heavy along with getting it professionally installed by bolting or anchoring to the floor, the chance of a burglar either opening your safe or stealing it would be highly unlikely. 

High quality security safes are considered in the locksmith industry as being a very strong and tough safe, especially if it’s a [TDR (Torch and Drill Resisting) safe]. So if you want the next level up in security safes which will give you maximum protection in the security safe series, the TDR safes are the top of the line type safe with security features that support the torch and drill resistant construction. The hidden strength in a TDR safe is the materials it is made of which are specially formulated to provide an anti-attack barrier material defense. It’s virtually like a torch and drill resisting mini vault safe that will be highly resistant to oxy-acetylene, abrasive grinders, explosives, thermal attack and other various drills and cutting tools. 

A High security safe should have automatic relocking devices that will render the locking bolts on the safe immovable if an attempted attack occurs keeping the security safe securely locked. If you invest in a premium quality security safe that is a TDR safe, it will provide protection of your valuables and cash, virtually acting as a mini bank vault. This is what you basically get from a torch and drill rated safe. The door and body are constructed of these TDR materials to provide the highest grade of protection against burglary attacks by professional thieves. So if you want the ultimate safe that gives maximum protection in security safes, then browse our huge range of top rated security safes that will stop even the most professional criminals. 

Here at Safeguard Safes we are Australia’s security safes specialists and we carry security safes with combined fire and theft defenses for retail environments, residential homes or apartment security safes and we can offer you a professional delivery and installation service. Or alternatively, we deliver daily throughout Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

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