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gunnebo safes and vaults

Gunnebo Australia is the exclusive importer and distributor of the premium Chubb safes range of fine and security rated safes and vault products.

History of Gunnebo

Gunnebo is a young global company but it has a working industrial heritage spanning more than 250 years. The company takes its name from the village of Gunnebo in the south – east of Sweden. It was here that Hans Hultman opened a forge in 1764 and started to produce hammers. This small business steadily grew and the old metal-working business was acquired in 1995 by a venture capital company that adopted the name Gunnebo and took to expand into being a complete securety provider. Gunnebo has come a long way and acquired multiple companies on the way including Fichet-Bauche, a safe company with years of history in safe and Chubb safes a globally recognised brand of safes established in the UK in 1818.

Gunnebo’s experience in safes and vaults include organisations such as High Risk Federal and Government departments, retail customers, commercial sites, national and Global Clients, Airports, Banks, Financial Industries, Arenas, Stadiums, and Rail Stations.

Gunnebo products include:

Gunnebo Chubb Safes Deposit Lockers

Chubb / Gunnebo Safe Deposit Boxes incorporate high quality design and engineering to the highest standards. Two independent security lockers are required to operate the deposit box, each with an unique restricted type key that have a huge range of variations that the possibility of any keys being the same is virtually impossible.

Gunnebo Chubb Deposit Boxes are installed throughout the world in industry, the finest financial institution the Gunnebo safe deposit lockers offer an unrivaled level of security.

Dual Control Locking Mechanism

The Dual control locking mechanism has 2 keyholes, one key is for Renter and the other for the Custodian, this ensures that both parties need to be present when the safety deposit box is opened. The Custodian’s key must be just inserted and turned before the Renter’s key can be used. The Custodian key will be withdrawn as the Renter’s key is only required to re-lock the Safe Deposit Lockers.

No two Safe Deposit Locker installations are the same. Each project is treated individually and is carefully planned and project managed to meet the Clients requirements.

When we are contacted at the initial planning stage, security installation problems peculiar to your needs are thoroughly studied and detail planned to be submitted.

Gunnebo Chubb Vaults & Vault Doors

Gunnebo provide certified strong room and strong room doors for high level bank security.

Gunnebo’s vaults and vault doors have been tested and approved up to one of the highest certifiable security level – Grade XII EX CD- combining burglary resistance with protection against explosives and diamond core drills. The Chubb Safes Vault Doors give high value assets suspension production and the Gunnebo Vault Door range from medium to very high security vault door offering protection for valuable bulk assets. The Chubb Vault doors come with lock options including digital locks or combination locks and all Chubb safes locks are listed to conform to the requirement of EN 1143-1 and the resistance grade one manufactured to meet the requirements of AS/NZS 3809:1998 and UL608.

The Chubb Gunnebo Vault Doors as below are designed to be used in conjunction with Chubb Safes InstaVaults and all Chubb Vault doors are available left or right hand.

The Chubb Holsworth Vault Door

Barrier 75mm
Clear Opening Height 1917mm
Clear Opening Width 920mm
InstaVault Wall 75mm
Locking 1 x 3 KCL
Weight 820kg
Masonry Opening Height 2050mm
Masonry Opening Width 1130mm

The Chubb Pacific Vault Door

Barrier 100mm
Clear Opening Height 1917mm
Clear Opening Width 920mm
InstaVault Wall 110mm
Locking 1 x 4 W KCL
Weight 1020 kg
Masonry Opening Height 2050mm
Masonry Opening Width 1130mm

The Chubb Banker Vault Door

Barrier 130mm
Clear Opening Height 1914mm
Clear Opening Width 878mm
InstaVault Wall 150mm
Locking 2 x 4 W KCL
Weight 1080 kg
Masonry Opening Height 2050mm
Masonry Opening Width 1130mm

Some of the key features of Gunnebo Chubb Safe Vault Doors include patented Chubbsafes Barrier Materials, Torch& Drill resistance (TDR) barriers from 70mm to 130mm. Available in SCEC endorsed variants. Custom and oversize versions available, re-locking devices provided for enhanced attack protection, standard internal emergency release suitable for AS/NZS 3809 Level 7 to 13. Designed to meet the requirements of UL 608.

Chubb Gunnebo InstaVaults

Chubb safe ModuleGuard Vaults provide burglary resistant protection with Grade II-IV certified light weight panels and doors for flexible security enclosure construction. The ModuleGuard has been approved by ECB-S in accordance with the European standard EN1143-1 for burglary protection in Grade II, III and IV.

ModuleGuard has also been granted Grade 4 level according to the EN1627-1630 standard. It has also undergone certified ballistic test and has been certified FB4 in accordance with EN 1522.

The minimum room measurement for the ModuleGuard Vault is recorded on the following table.

Ext. Height 2290mm
Ext. Width 2445mm
Ext. Depth 1545mm
Int. Height 2140mm
Int. Width 2295mm
Int. Depth 1395mm
Weight 3000kgs

A range of attack tools were used to test ModuleGuards level of resistance, from basic tools, such as high speed drills& grinders, and sledge hammers& crow bars to move sophisticated thermal and electrical equipment, like the oxy-acctylene torch.

Some of the key security features on the ModuleGuard Vault

  • ModuleGuard security enclosures are certified Grade II-IV by ECB-S in accordance with the EN-1143-1 certification for burglary resistance.
  • The Vault room also offers approved protection against certain firearms.
  • The security vault enclosures are constructed using modular light weight panels. The light weight panels reduces transportation costs, eases installation and allows for placement higher up in buildings where floor loading are limited.
  • The ModuleGuard construction means assembly disassembly and expansion of a Vault room in both quick and eay.
  • The Vault security enclosure can be built into the existing structure of a building and customised to meet the required dimensions.
  • Possible applications for the Chubb ModuleGuard Vault are reinforced protection for cash counting rooms, archives, store rooms (for weapons & pharmaceuticals), ATMs, etc
  • A series of high security locking options is available such as the LG33E, LG66E, S&G6731 or Kaba Mauer 70076.

Gunnebo Chubbsafes InstaVault

Chubbsafes Instavaults offers the flexibility of a Modular solution

The Chubb InstaVault is a burglary resistant vault providing 3 level of security. The InstaVault is a high-value asset protection vault and comes standard, extended and multi-bay sizes to suite almost any space requirements. Being modular, you can extend, reduce and relocate your vault as your needs change: Chubbs Safes InstaVault are manufactured to meet the requirements of AS/NZS 3809: 1998.

The Chubb Safes InstaVaults specifications are to follow Chubb Safes InstaVault LS75

Barrier 75mm
Int. Height 2400mm
Int. Width 2500mm
Int. Depth 2500mm
Ext. Height 2475mm
Ext. Width 2650mm
Ext. Depth 2650m

The InstaVault LS75 matches with Chubb safes vault door.

Holsworthy 70mm

Chubbsafes InstaVault MS110

Barrier 110mm
Int. Height 2400mm
Int. Width 2500mm
Int. Depth 2500mm
Ext. Height 2510mm
Ext. Width 2720mm
Ext. Depth 2720m

*The InstaVault MS110 matches with Chubb Safes Vault door Pacific 100mm

Chubb Safes InstaVault HS50

Barrier 150mm
Int. Height 2400mm
Int. Width 2500mm
Int. Depth 2500mm
Ext. Height 2550mm
Ext. Width 2800mm
Ext. Depth 2800m

The Chubb Safes InstaVault H50 matches with Chubbs Safes Vault door: Bankers 130mm.

Please note: for external height dimensions without an optional Chubbsafes InstaVault floor you need to consult with a vault expert representative when confirming your requirements during the designing of your InstaVault.

The Chubb safes InstaVault solution is a fully modular concept and the sizes represented in the specifications are for a “standard” sized vault.

The InstaVault can be extended to the rear on the side in increment of full and half panel sizes. Multi-bay rooms are possible and your vault expert will assist you in designing and engineering a solution to meet your specific needs.

Importand please specify the required location, lacking preferences and swing decision of the Chubb safes vault door you require at the time of design for all your InstaVault requirements. Our vault engineers will be pleased to assist with technical information at this time.

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