Expert Advice for Jewellers Looking for High Quality Jewellery Safes for Sale

In this blog our safe experts offer smart shopping tips for jewellers looking for high security jewellery safes for sale.

Jewellery is  usually one of the most valuable, precious and sentimental belongings no matter if your minimal pieces of jewellery to protect or several amounts of jewellery pieces you need to securely store them in jewellery safes away from the risk of damage, theft and fire. This is especially crucial if you are a jeweller as you would require the top of the range jewellery safes such as a Chubb jewellers safe, Ratner jewellers safe or a CMI jewellers. All these top brand names in the safe industry are recognized for their high quality and high security safes. And  you will be guaranteed to find the best jewellery safes for sale that will provide maximum protection for all your jewellery. 

The security provided when buying jewellery safes for your store

Most jewellers safes are designed to provide maximum protection for silications including banks, jewellers, high cash turnover outlets, financial institutions, pubs & nightclubs, etc.

Some of the key security features that jewellers and cash safes have are the given high level of defense against burglary attack. And a high quality jewellery safe would be TDR (Torch and Drill Resisting) safe. This means the safe is made of special barrier materials during its construction and the TDR materials applied protects against all known forms of professional attacks. A good quality certified jewellery safe may have combined fire and burglary protection as many businesses prefer to have both of these advantages and also a jewellers safe with fire and burglary ratings allow you to store a multiple of items including confidential paper documents, cash & jewellery and an assortment of many other expensive and valuable items. 

Expert tips of buying jewellery safes

To assist you in selecting the best jewellery safe for your needs we have listed below some practical shopping tips to keep in mind when searching for jewellery safes online or in a retail safe store. 

Make sure the safe you choose has enough room inside to allow for all your luxury jewellery items, but also leaves storage room for additional jewellery pieces in the future you may acquire. It is always convenient, if the safe has removable and adjustable shelves, so you can easily and simply organise the internals of the safe. Our safe expert recommends your jewellery safe has to be bolted down with the anchoring holes provided in it, so it can be securely fixed to the floor. This will provide maximum protection and whilst this is important the location of the safe is just as crucial. When considering the location for your safe, make sure the flooring is strong, sturdy and capable of supporting the weight, because high security jewellery safes are heavy. 

If you have a jewellery shop, the safe needs to be in an easily accessible position in the store. Although this may leave it visible to customers entering your store a premium quality jewellery safes are like a mini vault and virtually impossible to attack and open without safe expert knowledge, and skills along with specialized safe opening equipment. So if it is a choice between prices, the jewellery safe in an inconvenient location, because  you want to conceal it from the public a location that’s convenient, choose the latter option and trust the best jewellers safe to do what it was designed and manufactured to do. That is to guard and protect jewellery from the modern day criminal. Another bit of advice to consider is whether you are buying a wall safe, floor safe or home safe or a regular free standing safe, make sure they have pre-drilled holes either in the base, back or both.

The right safe for you may provide dual protection against fire, theft and burglary. These types of safes can be used to accommodate your business’ expensive items and also important and sensitive documents that you wish to keep confidential, but you cannot store digital data assets in the jewellery safe. Unless you place a fire resisting certified data insert that has been specially made to provide another layer of protection for data media assets, but the jewellery safe you place it in must be a minimum of 1 hour fire rating.

Because a jewellers safe is designed with the highest level of defense against attacks, the locking device must be top of the range to compliment the safes construction. The diversity of jewellery business security requirements such as time lock delay, biometric fingerprint scanner, audit trail, multiple users, anti hold up and various custom designed locking options. 

When looking for jewellery safes for sale, we would suggest that you start by browsing the best jewellery safes for sale at accredited and reputable safe sellers. At Safeguard Safes you can be assured that the safe you select will be from Australia’s best safe brands such as CMI safes, Burg Wachter safes, Chubb safes, Ardel safes, Guardall safes, etc. So if it’s a high quality safe you are after, we will provide you with a premium quality safe at the best price with free expert advice and guarantees of your safe. Therefore, you can buy with complete confidence that is the Safeguard Safes promise.

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