You know it’s safe if it’s from Safeguard Safes!

you know it's safe if it's from safeguard safes

You know it’s safe if it’s from Safeguard Safes, Australia’s leading safe supplier.

Would you like to buy a safe or safes, but not sure about how to find the right safe to protect your valuables? At Safeguard Safes we have over 35 years experience in selling safes and we can assist you in finding the right safe to suit your individual needs and budget. We stock a wide range of market-leading high-quality security safes ideal for your home or business requirements. So if you want to buy a safe, talk to our safe experts first. They will help navigate and help you determine what you should be looking for in a safe that will best suit your needs.

They will ask you the most important questions such as what you want to protect, for example cash and valuables, confidential documents or data media? Other questions may include what locking options do you require of your safe, electronic digital key, combination dial, key mechanism, finger scan bio-metrics, etc. What type of safe are you considering? home safes, fire resistant safes, gun or rifle safes, or commercial and cash safes. Where would you like to install your safe? Bolt down safe, in wall or in floor safes etc.

Another important fact to take into consideration is when choosing a certified safe make sure it has the connect security level to protect its contents. This will help ensure your insurance company is happy with the safe you have chosen. Chubb Safes and Burg Wachter Safes are often an ideal choice as they usually have both burglary protection certification and fire protection certification. This will guarantee you that this safe has been independently tested in standards set and approved by certifying bodies, and those high quality certified safes will have an information plate fixed to the inside of the safe door for verification. It is also advisable to check the safes cash rating and fire rating. This will also help you to determine if the safe you are considering will be adequate to protecting your belongings. By now you probably have a better idea on which safe is right for you, but one last bit of advise is when deciding on the size of your safe. Remember this will be decided by the location you want to place it, and how much content you wish to store in it. Keeping in mind to allow extra room for things you may accumulate in the future. Trust me you will always use the extra space.

At, we have Australia’s largest range of well known safe brands such as CMI safes, Chubb Safes, Burg Wachter Safes, Guardall Safes, Ardel Safes, Yale Safes, Diplomat Safes, and all at the lowest prices guaranteed. So whether you want protection for your cash, valuables, jewellery, confidential documents, medical drugs, guns and rifles, secure safe cabinets, or maybe a lockable key storage cabinet or high security deposit safe. Shop where the Lock Smiths shops. Buy a safe from Safeguard Safes, a name you can trust.

For free safe advise contact us at or ring 1300 764 971 and speak directly to a safe expert.