Yale safe collection

Yale safe collection

Yale has been looking after people’s homes and businesses for over two hundred years. They understand the finest form of security. The Yale Elite safes feature the latest in technology and materials. 

Yale Elite safes will allow you to further secure your valuables with peace of mind. Elite safe models YLEL/200/EG7, YSEL/200/EG7, YSEL/250/EG7 and YSEL/390/EG7 all have security features such as:

  • 3-6 digit combination code with LED display
  • Automatic lockout mode for 3 minutes on three consecutive incorrect attempts to open
  • Master code for guest house application 
  • Door unlocks automatically when code entered correctly
  • Pre-drilled bolt holes provided for mounting to floor
  • Steel wall & door construction
  • Anti-prying reinforced frames for medium & large safe and also Laptop models safes
  • Dual locking with security anti-pick four sided override key for higher security
  • High quality zinc plated steel locking bolts
  • Full velour interior lining
  • Powder coated finish
  • Quick & easy operation for setting new code and all in a stylish designed Yale safe

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