Vaults and Strong room doors

Vaults and Strong room doors

At Safeguard safes we offer the best range of strong room doors for sale on the market. We also have the best range of vaults and vault doors for you to choose from.

The difference between a vault and strong room door is that a vault is a custom built, modular item built for security purposes. A strong room could be any room in a building that has a higher security construction than a standard plaster stud wall.

A strong room door is a great option for:

  • residential properties
  • weapons vault or strong room
  • panic room or safe shelters
  • a room holding valuable items
  • retail and business facility storage room
  • storage of pharmaceuticals
  • a room holding classified information

Our heavy duty high security vault doors are a great option for:

  • banks
  • government facilities such as the defence force
  • privately owned vault facilities
  • correctional facilities

All Vault & Strongroom doors come fitted with a BCA compliant emergency internal release mechanism as standard.

Our strong room doors range from thin and standard width to triple enforced doors which boast a metre of thickness.

Are you wanting to source both a strong room and the door? We can recommend trusted builders to build your strong room and we can provide the strong room door.

Highest security vault door features include:

  • high security torch and drill resistance to protect against all forms of attack. This includes oxyacetylene torch, explosives & heavy duty drilling equipment
  • oversized and custom versions available. These can be custom manufactured to any size and made to hinge both sides for right and left hand opening.
  • TDR (torch and drill resistance) barrier material from 70mm – 250mm.
  • your choice of locking configuration such as electronic entry device, mechanical key or combination locking mechanism.
  • compliance with any required global standard such as SCEC, UL 608, AS/NZS3809:1998, EU standards. Talk to our consultants about your compliance needs.
  •  high security re-locking devices installed within the doors to dramatically increase the security level of the door.

We have over 55 years experience. We are the preferred supplier and distributing agent for all major safe manufacturers in Australia including Guardall, Lord, Gunnebo, Chubb, Falcon, Burg Watcher, Diplomat and CMI.

We supply across Australia and are proud to offer the best products for the best price. We also have the largest range of products.

We know that each client has unique requirements. We are here to help. Let us know the specifics and we can create a custom vault or strong room door to meet your needs.

You can be assured of Confidentiality & Security. We hold both NSW & Victorian Police Security Licenses.

Contact us to learn more.