The Yale branded safe

The Yale branded safe

The Yale safe with its unparalleled global reach and range of safes reassures more people in more countries than any other safe solutions. The Yale Certified safe incorporates several key elements into their certified safe models. They have greatly improved their performance and as a result the Yale safes have been awarded Silver Certification into the Solid Secure Accreditation. 

The Yale Certified safes offer a stylish design, whilst safely securing your valuables. All the Yale Certified safe models such as the Certified home safe YSM/250/EG1 and Certified professional safe YSM/520/EG1 have pre-drilled bolt down holes for floor fixing and are fully lined to protect the contents from scratches.

As many safes are often hidden in dark areas, the Yale Certified safe comes with a LCD screen that lights up when entering your pin and a bright interior light that comes on when you open the door. 

Some of the many security features the Yale Certified safes offer are:

  • Dual locking with High security override key lock
  • Solid steel motorised locking bolts
  • Reinforced impact-proof locking mechanism
  • Armoured and reinforced walls and door
  • Robust removable shelf
  • Personal code with 100,000 possible combinations
  • Extra large impact-resistant locking bolts
  • Main areas impact tested and reinforced with hardened steel 

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