Day Gates for Modular Vaults

If your vault doors must be open during working hours while still being safe from potential smash and grab attempts then you need a day gate for your vault. It can be accessed quickly via a keypad code without having to use a combination lock. Safeguard Safes offers an extensive range of General Services Administration (GSA) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certified day gates that work with any manufacturer’s vault system, vault doors or modular vaults. We can also have shelving directly attached to the gate, and if needed we will assist with strike housing and wiring. Biometric systems must be installed by your alarm company.

Most day gates use a lever handle exterior key to get in, and an interior thumb turn to get out. ADA handles with interior/exterior dual levers are also an option.

Our day gate range includes:
  • Standard Day Gates (for a 36″ and 52″ clear opening vault doors), available in:
    • Clear/Smoked acrylic sheeting and a brushed style aluminium frame.
    • Horizontal aluminium bars with a brushed style aluminium frame. Bars are tightly spaced to prevent unauthorized access near the locking mechanism.
    • Weapons Issue Ports for Class 5-A Armory style Vault Door – in a Dutch Style (top half can be open while the bottom remains secured) or entirely fixed (side or opening weapons issue port in the centre).
    • Expanded Metal Day Gates for Class 5-A Armory style Vault Doors – no openings, to be used when access to classified material is needed during work hours and the vault door is open.
As an option to traditional strike access gates, you can also choose:
  • Electric Strike Options:

This option lets you open the gate electronically without a mechanical lock and key. It comes with a buzzer and can be configured in the following ways (both of which can be changed to the other):

    • Fail-safe – this configuration locks the day gate when a current is applied, opening the gate in a power failure.
    • Fail-secure – this configuration opens the day gate when a current is applied, keeping the gate locked when there is a power failure.
  • Biometric Access Options:

This safe option restricts access based on:

    • Hand
    • Eye/Retina
    • Fingerprint
    • Other biometric devices