If you are looking for a security deployment solution that can be rolled out at any time in any place, then Safeguard Safes can assist. A pre-assembled modular vault is a popular option when you need a vault, and you have problems with access, limited space or for areas that cannot take a heavy load. It is also important when dealing with transportation vehicles.

We create pre-assembled armoury equipment that can be used in any place where you need to store high-security classified information, weapons or equipment, or for use in police and military type situations.

For these purposes, our six-sided pre-assembled modular vault is the best option. Each vault offers you the following advantages:

  • General Services Administration (GSA) approved with the AA-V-2940
  • Pre-assembled in the factory and leaves in one piece – can be dropped into place, powered up and put into use immediately.
  • Has insulated wall panels and HVAC climate control for use in any climate and environment.
  • Reliable and easy to access.
  • Meets Federal Specifications.
  • Concrete weapons magazines boast double the lifespan of a steel vault with the same function.
  • Concrete used in each vault continues to get harder as it ages, making it more resistant to penetration as time goes on.

Our pre-assembled modular vaults are popular for mobile security purposes. It allows them to be relocated easily and moved anywhere they are required.

Contact Safeguard Safes to discuss what option would be best for your unique safety and security needs.