Selecting a safe made easy

selecting a safe made easy

selecting a safe made easy by the Safes Experts at Safeguard Safes.

Selecting that perfectly to suit your home or office need can appear like a daunting task. There are thousands of options to choose from, with different sizes, brands and capabilities, it can seem like a very difficult and complicated decision to make. 

Well worry no more, the safes experts from Safeguard Safes have put together an easy to follow step-to-step manual for you to find the safe that best suits your needs.

Step 1. Determine the purpose of your safe

What is the primary purpose of the safe? Is it to protect your possession against theft or fire?

For protection against theft, you need to select a safe that is Theft Resistant. They are made to protect your valuables from burglary and theft. 

For protecting your paper documents against fire, a Fire Resistant Safe, or Fire resistant filing cabinet should be your primary focus. These safes are designed to keep your important paper documents safe from very high temperature by having an extra insulation layer that releases moisture to keep the inside of your safe below the minimum temperature that burns the paper.

For protecting your computer data against fire, a fire resistant data safe should be looked into. This will give you a peace of mind knowing your important data media such as server backup devices, microfilms, discs and USB storage, etc are in safe hands. 

Step 2. Determine the degree of protection needed

Once you know what contents are protected inside your safe, you need to select a safe with your ideal degree of protection.

It is important to note that there is no safe that is 100% burglar proof. The degree of theft resistant is based on the security level of the safe. This is related to the cash rating of the safe, which gives a cash value that the insurance company would pay if the safe is broken into. This analysis is based on the time it takes for a thief or burglar to break into the safe.

For fire resistant safes, there are different levels of fire ratings which you need to consider. The fire rating of the safe indicates the time it takes for the contents inside to catch on fire.

Step 3. Determine the size of the safe

To select a safe that has the perfect size for your needs, there are two determining factors, the volume of the contents you are planning to place in the safe, and the size of the area you are planning to place your safe.

Here at Safeguard Safes, we have a very useful online tool which allows you to search for your ideal safe by entering your ideal external or internal dimensions of the safe.

Step 4. Determine your budget

After you have a general idea of the purpose, protection level and the size requirements for your safe, this should give you a price range for you to consider, in order to make your final decision. 

While some hardware and retail outlets offer inexpensive “safes” in the market, unfortunately they provide very little or no protection at all. Those safes can appear very robust, but are usually made of thin metal sheets with pencil thin locking bolts, which can be forced open within minutes by a simple common screwdriver. 

Therefore it is always advised to purchase from an accredited and trusted brand, and make sure the safe you buy has a cash and fire rating certification. You can be confident with your safe purchase knowing that the manufacturer gives a 100% warranty on their safes. Another benefit of purchasing a premium quality safe is that most insurance companies will usually apply discounts to your insurance policy when valuables and cash are stored in a certified safe. 

If you are considering purchasing a pre-used safe, make sure that it is certified and approved. Here at Safeguard Safes  “Our Pre-Owned Safe Promise” guarantees you only the highest quality secondhand safes are eligible to be certified as every pre-used safe must pass and exceed an intense comprehensive quality checked & security inspection, to ensure it is worthy of the certification process. Inspections are conducted by our senior expert safe technicians who are experienced and accredited safe professionals qualified by training & licensed in their respective area of expertise.  

Step 5. Ask an Expert

If you still have some questions about your safe selection, it is always wise to get in touch with an industry expert. Safeguard Safes have been in the safes and vaults industry for over 55 years, we are here to answer any questions you may have regarding your safes selection, and we are ready to give advice based on our expertise and experience. We also provide installation services. Just contact us and we can arrange professional installations for you. 

Alternatively, you could check out our website at where we provide detailed information about all you need to know about purchasing a safe. 

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