This video is created by the The European Certification Body (ECB) to show people why not to buy cheap, uncertified safes
The European Certification Body (ECB) is a neutral certification body accredited to EN 45011. It issues ECB•S certificates for products of the security industry.

What’s in the video?

  • How easy uncertified safes are easily hacked
  • Stress tests done to certified safes


Informative video which outlines the risk of buying cheap and unsecure safes.

What’s in the video?

  • Professionals hacking ordinary safes
  • Using ordinary tools to crack ordinary safes
  • Reasons why safes need to be bolted down


Continuing from the first video “Don’t Buy a Cheap Safes.”
Another informative video which outlines the risk of buying cheap and unsecure safes.

What’s in the video?

  • Can you put a price for your valuables?
  • Why you need to consult professionals when buying safes
  • How BURG-WÄCHTER safe works. Cut-out look of a BURG-WÄCHTER safe mechanics and security
  • Certifications and Insurance coverage for Safes
  • Safe types (electronic security and mechanical
  • Certified Finger Scan Technology


Meet the Chubbsafes brand evolution: from the origins to a worldwide brand for safes and vaults market


Fires can occur at all times and can be very devastating. When you give a burglar enough time, he will find a way to open every safe on the planet. Gunnebo offers internationally certified burglary & fireproof safes that will protect your goods as long as possible against heat, flames and burglars.

In fire and burglary proof safes you can store everything that has a value to you, like cash, jewellery, passports, purchase deeds of your new home, marriage pictures and your children’s school diplomas.

Fire and burglary proof safes are protecting your belongings from burglary and fire. Burglary proof certifications range from the lighter labels , up to grade VI and fireproof resistance for 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes for documents.


Certified fireproof safes can be categorised into two categories: protection for documents and protection for data. Safes in both categories are tested by an independent institute. All fire safes are tested at extreme external temperatures of around 1000˚C to simulate the temperatures of a real office fire. The safe must succeed several intense tests to receive the certificate so we can assure appropriate quality.

In fireproof safes you can store everything that has a value to you, like cash, jewellery, passports, purchase deeds of your new home, marriage pictures and your children’s school diplomas.


Do you need protection for office documents, employee files, financial documents or design drawings? Gunnebo has a safe for you!


Yale Fire Safes are equipped with many features such as the unique digital security keypad unlike any other on the market today.

Functions include; multiple user codes, code scrambling, one time user codes, and a lock down function just to name a few. Like every Yale quality assured product, the new range of Yale Fire Safes has been designed with your peace of mind in focus. The entire range has been built and thoroughly tested to withstand intense heat and humidity, leaving your most precious documents in good hands.

Two types of highly resistant safe-boxes guarantee a high level of fire resistance protection. The Yale Fire Safes for Documents protects your passports and all precious paper documents. The Yale Data Fire Safe contains an additional “safe within a safe” insulation layer. This protects extra sensitive digital data, whether they are on an external hard-drive, CD ROMs, DVDs or tapes. Visit for more information


Safes can hide and protect your valuables and most treasured possessions from intruders, but they can also protect them in the event of a fire. Household fires can devastate lives and homes but you can protect valuable and personal documents, such as photos, wedding certificates and house deeds with the new range of stylish, electronic Document Fire Safes from Yale.

Yale’s range of Fire Safes are tested to Swedish Standards, in accordance with NT FIRE 017. Here we see a Document Fire Safe being tested in a furnace reaching 860 degrees Celsius. Available in a choice of three sizes, Document Fire Safes can protect their contents from the effects of fire for up to 60 minutes and are suitable for the home or office.

Burg Wächter Karat Freestanding Safe

High-carat object protection: The safes Karat from BURG-WÄCHTER are especially robust and offer a high resistance against forceful opening and therefore a very high value protection..

Resistant design offers highest security
This safety cabinet Karat is ideally equipped against burglary and enormously aggravates an attempt of forceful opening. The body of the domestic safe is three-walled and the outer surface is of flame-cutting protected stainless steel material. Prepared for the wall or floor anchoring, the safe can sturdily be assembled with you walls and/or your floor. This allows an extremely high resistance against a forceful removal attempt. You can find one drilling hole on the back wall and one on the bottom for a most sturdy fixation.

The Karat further provides, due to the fire protection material according to DIN 4102-A1 and a fire fold inside of the body, a solid shelter from fire and heat.

Burg Wächter PointSafe Freestanding Safe

For the light value-protection at home
Tested in the BURG-WÄCHTER test laboratory, the furniture safes of the series PointSafe are especially convenient for the assembly in cabinets, desks or shelves – The compact safe for home use.

Solid construction for basic security.
The solid, one-walled body and the low weight qualify the PointSafe for a convenient use at home. Safely store away cash money, jewellery or in the bigger variants, documents and files.
Sizes P 2, P 3 and P 4 are provided with an adjustable shelf. Versions P 3 and P 4 additionally offer enough space for documents and files.
The double-walled door aggravates an attempt of breaking-open. With the two drillings on the back wall and on the bottom, you can assemble the safe sturdy with the wall and/or the floor, in your cabinet or desk.

The light and compact design of the PointSafe visually adapts to nearly every of your chosen pieces of furniture.

Burg Wächter Diplomat Freestanding Safe

The electronic version of the safety cabinet Diplomat

Double protection: The BURG-WÄCHTER safety cabinets Diplomat offer a more than secure storage for your valuables – additionally they are resistant against fire. With that, your valuable belongings are not only optimally protected against burglary but against fire and heat as well. The Diplomat is ideally usable in your business and for the extra security in your home.

This safety cabinet is type tested, ECB•S/VdS supervised and provides certified protection against burglary according to EN 1143-1. The fireproof safe protects your valuables not only from theft; it also gives shelter from heat and fire.

Certified protection from fire and heat
The fire protection safe Diplomat provides a certified shelter from fire according to EN 15659. With this, a protection up to 60 minutes for paper is guaranteed. The walls of the body are filled with a specially designed fire insulation. The special heat insulation with FPC build-up (Fire Protection Concrete) developed by BURG-WÄCHTER inside the body walls and the door, insulates innovatively the safe and its insides.
Security of the Diplomat

  • Type tested and supervised security by ECB•S/VdS
  • Fire resistance grade LFS 60 P
  • Certified protection against burglary according to EN 1143-1
  • Certified protection against fire according to EN 15659 (2009), 60 minutes fire protection for paper

Combi-Line: The safe with certified fire protection

The BURG-WÄCHTER safety cabinets out of the Combi-Line series not only guarantee ideal security for burglary but also are tested and certified in fire protection. A Combi-Line safe is convenient for the private household to keep valuables safe from burglary and fire.

Certified fire protection

Combi-Line safes offer certified fire protection in all sizes and variants (fire resistance LFS 30 P according to EN 15659). A composite insulation in front of the door leaf functions as a heat protection for lock and bolts so that the valuables inside stay protected against fire damage. In case of a fire, a 30-minute fire protection for paper guaranteed.

The electronic combination lock “SecuTronic” offers one million different combinations. The lock of the safety cabinet is ECB•S- certified (EN 1300/class B) and VdS-tested (class 2). With your personal 6-digit code, you can open and lock the safe very conveniently. Provided are three Batteries (type Micro LR 03 AA), so that you can put your safety cabinet into operation immediately. Please note that the locking armature protrudes 7 mm.

Sturdy design prevents forcible opening
A sturdy construction and the double-walled body prevents attempts of a quick breaking of the safe. The safe lock shuts with the help of lateral, 25 mm strong round bolts and one massive sliding bolt positioned on the top of the door. The inlying hinges additionally hamper a forcible opening. Standardly, the safe is equipped with one shelf to keep and organise your valuables in a best and most tidy way. From the different formats, you can choose the most suitable safety cabinet for your individual needs.

Of course, you do not need to make compromises when it comes to design. The quiet grey body and the light grey door are classic and fits in your home as well

Kaba Safe Locks Auditcon Demo

The totally self-powered (PowerStar™ Technology) Auditcon offers the advantages and convenience of true stand-alone electronic safe access


  • Unique self power technology eliminates temporary lockouts due to dead batteries
  • Can be programmed with a time delay, so the lock cannot be immediately opened
  • The power assist feature provides constant battery power during time delay operations

The model 552 provides advanced features including:

  • Time Window Access
  • Time Lock functions plus a time and date stamped audit trail
  • 400 event audit trail
  • Appropriate to the needs of the customer the locking periods can easily be set with the software and programmed to the lock via Smart Key
  • Available in 3 bolt styles – Swingbolt, Squarebolt and Springbolt
  • Only the Duracell Procell alkaline battery is to be used to power our electronic safe locks

Kaba Safe Locks Axessor Demo

All-in One Flexibility and Versatility
Axessor® is a modular safe lock, which can be networked or used as a stand-alone unit. It can be used wherever organisational flexibility, fast response and increased security are required. Axessor® is part of the successful SL 525 and Questor® family, containing many of the same traits, namely, maximum reliability, ease of use and high performance functionality. The motorised lock with automatic locking mechanism offers the ultimate in lock security plus flexible installation.