RS1-3 & RS2-6 Australian Made Heavy Duty Rifle Safe

RS1-3 & RS2-6

The RS1-3 is an Australian made heavy duty rifle safe.

This high quality rifle safe is designed and engineered to Australian standards, and is fully compliant for the storage of weapons. The Ardel RS1-3 rifle safe can accommodate up to three rifles or long arm weapons, and it conforms to Level 1 & 2 Category A,B,C & D. It has a 200 mm high lockable ammo compartment situated internally above the main storage chamber. This strong, tough safes body is constructed from  precision laser cut steel, then pressed formed and welded from 3 mm thick steel with a heavy reinforced steel bar section around the front edges. The heavy 6 mm thick steel plate door is secured at 3 points by sliding strong lock work and incorporates a full length anti-pry bar on the inside hinged side to deadlock the door making it high resistant to attack by force. There are pre-drilled 14mm diameter anchoring holes in the back and base.

Important: please allow 55mm for handle and keypad

The RS1-3 comes with the choice of key, combination or digital locking mechanism.

Another model you could look into is the RS2-6, also available with key, combination and digital locking.

Please note larger rifle safes can be manufactured to customers specifications.Just give us a call on 1300 764 971 or email us on

It is your legal responsibility and obligation to make sure your rifles and long barreled firearms are stored safely and securely. (Read more about legal requirements for storing firearms in different stage of Australia)

It is your moral duty to make sure all weapons and ammunition are safely locked away in an appropriate rifle safe at all times. When not in use to avoid your firearms falling into the wrong hands.

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