Retail shop cash management solutions

Retail shop cash management solutions

A commercial grade deposit safe is an ideal way to protect the collection of cash in a retail environment. A deposit safe will allow staff to clear excess cash from the cash registers and make easy and quick cash deposits throughout the day into external safe deposit chute making the safe the ultimate business safe. 

Deposit safes have a selection of deposit type solutions, such as postal slot safes, under counter deposit safes, deposit chute safes, deposit draw safes and anti hold-up time delay safes. If you are a loss prevention manager, a deposit cash management safe is a proven effective way to protect cash from theft without putting you and your staff at risk.

Some of our premium range of deposit drop safes as selected by our safe experts are:

CMI Commerce 3 Front Deposit. This safe is available with a drawer type deposit chute or drawer type deposit slot and either deposit type can be in the front or rear.

The CMI Premier Deposit Safe PRB-DDS (TDR) safe with a drawer deposit slot which has a deposit chute size is 30mm (H) x 200mm (W) x 160mm (D). All the CMI Premier High Security Safes are available with Drawer type deposit chute or Drawer type deposit slot and these deposit drop openings can be manufactured to deposit from the front side, rear or through wall access.

Other popular safes are:

CMI FL1D Rotary Deposit Safe, CMI Cash Guard CG1 and CMI Mini Deposit Safes DEP2D & DEP3C.

The Chubb Omni Drawer Trap Safe 7D and Chubb E-Slot Safe SES or Deposit Container T1-27KD along with their under counter unit ACU 350.

The well-known Guardall deposit safe range such as the Guardall front loading dual compartment deposit safes FLD1, FLD2, FLD3, FLD5 & FLD6, along with the very popular small cash deposit range of compact deposit safes SN25D, DP300 and DP450.

For those wanting the ultimate in deposit cash protection, the Guardall High Security Deposit Safes being KCR1-ISKS2-CDMKS2-IDBFG400DKCR-2D and KCR1-ID will provide exceptional burglary and theft protection as the high security deposit safes. They are constructed using advanced technology and Torch & Drill Resisting (TDR) materials to ensure the highest defense against the modern day criminal.

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