Protect your safe and cash, purchase an anti hold up cash management safe. Prevent retail theft, buy an anti hold up safe

protect your staff and cash by purchasing an anti hold up cash management safe

Anti hold up safe is used all over the world to protect businesses’ cash and safety. Theft from retail business in Australia is now a major factor in almost all criminal matters brought before Magistrate Courts with an estimated cost to the retail sector of $3 billion during a financial year. With thefts becoming more bold as often these thieves are stealing to raise money to support drug habits, as a high percentage of thefts are by people with dependency issues desperate to steal money to support their drug habit. Anti hold up safes are a proven effective way to warn would-be-robbers that your cash is protected by an anti holdup safe. The warning stickers are affixed to the front door and windows or other locations and this instantly warns the robber even before entering your premises that an anti hold up safe system is installed. There is no better time to invest in this type of cash management than before you or your staff become a victim of robbery. Anti hold up safes will provide the following benefits to you and your business. (Please remember there is a difference between a time lock and a time delay lock).

When a safe has a time lock installed, it allows you to set access to the safe within or out of working hours. There is a difference between a time-lock safe and a time-delay lock safe such as both time locks and time delay safe locks control the opening of the safe but the difference between the two is a time-lock safe specifies a time period during which the lock cannot be opened (usually overnight) even if you have the correct pin code. This is usually programmed in to prevent an authorised person from being forced to open the safe out of hours.

A time-delay safe lock delays the opening of the safe after you have entered the correct code , for example you need to wait for a specific time period before the safe will open. This is usually programmed in to prevent an authorised person from being forced to open the safe out of hours.

A time delay safe lock delays the opening of the safe after you have entered the correct code, for example you need to wait for a specific time period before the safe will open. This is generally used to prevent a robbery as staff cannot be forced to open the safe immediately so make sure you choose the right anti hold up safe for your business needs.

The main objective of any high security safe is to safeguard its contents, yet it be cash or valuables. So as well as the time delay safe having the correct anti hold up function, it is imperative that the safe be a high quality burglary resistant safe that has been designed and engineered to incorporate a high level of anti-attack security features to protect your valuables. A high quality deposit safe with a time delay lock on it can be another option used as a cash management safe. It will give you all the functions that a time delay or time lock safe provides us, with the extra advantage of allowing your staff to simply skim your tills and deposit the cash in the external deposit drawer and chute where it drops into a inner locked compartment. This allows deposits to be made without opening the safe and when the safe is opened it brings the accountable to limited staff authorises to open the deposit safe.

There are numerous digital safe locks available on the market packed with innovative features so depending on your industry and the level of security you require, I have listed some products from a world leading digital safe and ATM lock supplier recognised for their reliability and high security features. They are recognised as the industry standard on the majority of safes and vaults throughout Australia.

The Dorma kaba digital range can be found on bank safes and vaults, commercial safes, high quality domestic safes, security cabinets, fire safes. Government containers & cabinets, pistol and gun safes, jewellery safes, drug safes, automatic teller machines (ATM’s) and cash in transit operations, made to exceeding standards. Kaba Dorma digital locks are certified to both Group 1 Underwriting Laboratory (UL) and European VDS KL2 manipulation proof rating. Depending on the type of the digital lock you choose, many offer different features such as having a silent alarm, time locking, time delay locking, night shutdown, wrong penalty try, Dallas keys and other features designed to keep your cash and valuables safe, keep the criminals out and have a peace of mind. A break in or robbery is stressful enough to the staff and often the owner feels somehow accountable themselves, this can all be helped by using good common sense now and take the necessary precautions to invest in a high quality anti hold up safe. Don’t have the mindset ‘it will never happen to me’. Some products I have named and linked attachments have excellent features.

  • LG Basic
  • LG Combogard
  • LP Audit
  • LG Master
  • LG PRIVAT (also known as TL11G)
  • LG Government
  • KABA x10

Apart from having a time lock safe to benefit your business, it will also serve as an everyday safe that provides protection for your cash and valuables 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For example you will be able to safely store such things as important confidential documents in it. Other things consumers often keep in there are jewelleries, office equipments like laptops, mobile phones and expensive smart devices. In general, security can be simple. You can increase the safety of your business and staff easily and relatively inexpensively to defer criminals and prevent the related costs associated with burglary. The many new and improved security products available such as alarms, CCTVs and high quality locks can make criminals think twice before burglarising your premises.

Over the years, crime rate have been increasing and burglary is one of the fastest growing crimes. Serious crimes against staff can result in failure to protect your business and more importantly staff OS is your duty of care. A good monitored alarm that responds back to a control room will provide an excellent defense when the premises is not occupied. CCTV cameras are another great addition especially when positioned inside and outside of the premises so they could capture peoples’ movements at all times whilst on your premises. It is also advisable to show posters with warning stickers displayed strategically on your premises. (mention CCTV cameras, alarm system on the premises)

In the end the best security measures you can take include implementing proven effective security measures such as investing in a burglary resistant commercial safe with a time-delay lock feature, install a high quality monitored alarm system along with a security cameras CCTV surveillance system. You can never be absolutely burglary proof but you can make every entry point difficult so a robber will go else where. Robbers and thieves don’t like risks so by adding these security features it will make it difficult for them.

Start to secure your business and premises today by choosing one of the deposit safes recommended by our safes expert at Safeguard Safes. The Guardall High Security Safe KCR3, CMI Commerce Safe COM1, Burg Wachter Combi Line Safe CL420-K have been very popular with business owners over the years.

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