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Pre-Used High Security Chubb TDR Safe

Pre-Used High Security Chubb TDR Safe


$11,780.00 Inc GST


$7,900.00 Inc GST

External Dim (mm) H W D
Internal Dim (mm) H W D
Locking Mechanism Combination
Weight 2000 kg
Approximate Cash Rating $200,000
Fire Rating 60 Minutes


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We have a large amount of our pre-used safes stored at our various warehouses throughout Australia and we can provide a delivery and installation service in your state.

  • This is a high security TDR (torch and drill resistant) commercial grade cash safe for the storage of large sums of cash, expensive items or other valuables
  • Ideal for home, office or retail or any circumstances where a high level of security is required
  • This CHUBB safe provides state of the art protection against all known forms of professional attack
  • Designed to provide security and fire protection
  • Drill resistant hardened steel plates are provided within the door to protect vital lock areas
  • Safe body is constructed of hardened high density concrete and barrier materials which provides exceptional strength and security
  • This safe has either mechanical or glass automatic deadlocking device systems which should automatically activate if the safe be dislodged, forced or attacked
  • This safe provides ultimate protection and resistance against all known forms of professional burglary attacks by such means as: Oxy-Acetylene, thermal attack, high-speed drills and grinders, explosives and force, pneumatic and hydraulic power tools, crowbars and sledge hammers etc
  • 12 x heavy duty solid steel bolt work which secures multiple reinforced locking points around the door by 4-way locking to provide a formidable fortress
  • Locking by high security combination dial supported by a second combination dial
  • This safe is left hand hinged
  • Heavy duty anti-pry hinges to prevent excessive force or removal of the door, even if the hinges are cut through
  • Safe door has a overall thickness of 200mm including a 90mmthick protective slab section that contains a special compound which provides exceptional resistance to all known forms of professional attack
  • The safe door is secured by thick solid steel locking bolts that lock into the reinforced sections of the safe body
  • This safe has 3 x shelves
  • Approximate insurable cash rating of $250,000 in a supported situation (being safe kept in an alarmed area or premises)


  • Please disregard new product 1 year warranty as displayed. This pre-used safe comes with a 3 month warranty
  • All dimensions, weights, fire and cash ratings are approximates only and description information has been described to the best of our
    ability but details may vary slightly.
  • For free advice and more information about this safe or any of our other pre used safes, please call 1800 992 139 to speak to a safe and vault expert

This safe is covered by our 1 YEAR WARRANTY

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