Our Security Experts Choices for 2020 of great value safes under $1,000

our security experts choices for 2020 of great value safes under $1000

Everyone wants a bargain but when it comes to the security of your most valuable and sentimental possessions, the money you invest in a safe now could save you many times the amount if you were to lose them in a burglary incident because you only invested a cheap quality safe. In most cases, a cheap quality safe can be easily broken into with little and no more than a screw driver as they are typically no more than a tin base constructed of very thin 1 or 2mm sheet metal. But we have good news, our safes experts have researched all the top safe brands valued under $1,000 and suggest vieweing these safes based on their all round construction and security features.

What our safe experts took into consideration when deciding on the safes that offered the best value for money was that the $1,000 tag was a good indication to start based on the safe they have put forward being able to incorporate excellent security features and barrier protection in these construction. This includes how the locking mechanism was designed and its effectiveness in securing the safe closed and its ability to provide a reasonable defense against attack.

They also looked at the size and manufacture on the body of the safe, and the internal space it offered combined with its thickness and the fire & burglary material it was filled with. The fire and burglary/cash rating were closely looked at on some products including the Burg Wachter CL410K & CL420K along with the Chubb Viper & OMNI, as these ratings give you guarantees on these fire protection standards such as duration and temperature standards whilst in a fire situation.

The cash rating/burglary rating will give you an indication of the level of protection the safe will provide in the event of a burglary.

When we mention fire protection ratings and burglary protection ratings on safes there are a couple of methods used by manufactures so you can physically check to the standards of the safe as most often than not an information plate is adhered to the inside on the back of the door this certification plate provides you of the products rating we have attached some samples below certification plates being the Burg Wachter & Chubb certification.

A good rule of thumb to follow is usually the cash rating is the higher level of security the safe provides. The cash rating is also used by many insurance companies as a guideline to assess and balance up what the clients content value is to be insured based on the suggested cash rate of the recommended holding. A good tip to remember is that many insurance companies will allow a higher value of content in a safe if it is kept on a premises that has an alarm, and even more if the alarm is monitored. Always check with your insurance company as some even offer a reduction of premiums due to the combined security protection you have a high cash rated safe along with a monitored alarm service.

There are a variety of locking mechanisms to choose from that incorporate the latest in safe security and all offer up excellent protection including the traditional safe key operation, combination or electronic digital. Some even have two locking mechanisms for extra security but the facts are the most common locking method used days in the electronic digital locking as they are very secure, easy and quick to use. No carrying of keys that can be lost or worse stolen, and on most the code can be changed simply and easily as many times as you like in seconds and best of all no more requiring and paying a locksmith to do this its done by you.

Normally a high quality home safe under $1,000 as what our safe experts have chosen will be of a medium size allowing a greater amount of option for its location compared to a large safe. So the advantage of these compact safe they can usually be hidden in a concealed location giving the extra security of what burglars can’t see they can’t steal. But as any safe, security or locksmith expert will tell you, always bolt your safe securely into its position to provide it with maximum protection no matter what the weight. So its a good time to mention that bolt holes are a must when deciding on a safe regardless if they’re in the back or base, as long as they’re there.

Earlier in our blog we mentioned two brands and models our experts believe offen great value for money based on our blog title “best Quality Home Safes for under $1,000”.

These are some safes that state fire resistant or suggested cash rating the difference between a fire rating and fire resistant for example means the fire rated safe has undergone fire tests by certified testing institutes whilst fire resistant safes have been constructed using fire resistant materials and in many cases when this is stated by well-known manufactures such as CMI safe co, Guardall safes and Ardel safes. We are still confident of these high standards as they are widely supplied throughout Australia and have in some cases such as CMI Safe Co, for 50 years and are the preferred supplier to many financial institutions, commercial industries and home owners. All these well known brands can be reviewed online to confirm their standing in the safe industry.

So we hope from this blog that if you decide to purchase one of these great safes after taking all into consideration including the depth of experience and professionals Safeguard Safes can offer, we are your first choice when buying a budget safe of high quality.

So browse through our large range of safes and if you need any assistance in making the right choice, call one of our friendly experts on 1300 764 971, who will help you make the right purchase decision.