Locktech Safes

In this blog we put the focus on Locktech Safes.

The Locktech Safe brand is owned by Lock Focus which has its origins in the UK. It’s Australian operations being a design and manufacturing facilities were established in 1972 in Melbourne. Lock Focus manufactures a range of leading locking solutions for the commercial and residential markets that have been recognised in the security field, earning the Lock Focus company many awards. One of these products is their very prominent premium grade Locktech safe range which are well known within the safe industry for their excellent fire and security protection.

The Locktech safe range is a trusted brand offering exceptional fire and burglary resistant safes along with fire resistant data media safes and fire resistant filing cabinets. We have listed to follow some of Locktech safes most popular models and the features they offer that make them stand out from many other safes on today’s market. The Locktech fire resistant filing cabinets such as the SF-680-4EKK , SF-680-3EKK and SF-680-2EKK offer a smooth and quiet suspension filing system with adjustable hanger files to accommodate foolscap, letter & legal size documents and they provide ideal fire protection and theft protection for all important and confidential documents. They incorporate 1.5 hours fire resistance certification by SP NT-Fire 017 90P (Furnace Temperature (1010 C) along with a selective locking system that permits locking of any of the 4 drawers either independently or collectively and the top draw known as the master drawer controls the lower drawers. So other worthwhile things to mention about the Locktech fire resisting filing cabinet series is that they are on wheels for easy moving and each drawer compartment has individual protection in case of fire even if one of the drawers is open.

Another very popular product is their home and office safe range being the Locktech safe models M015 the small compact safe or the M020 medium size safe and/or M031 and larger size safe. All these three Locktech models provide both fire and theft protection for the storage of cash, jewellery or other valuable items. The Locktech small safe is compact in size and ideal for those who are restricted for space or would like to locate their safe in a cupboard or wardrobe so it is hidden away or alternatively the medium size locktech M020 safe is also very well sized and can be positioned in many places in the home and office and still be concealed and the only differences between the Locktech M015 and M020 models apart from the dimensions is the M015 is available in two colours being Black and white and the M020 is available in five colours being M020 White, M020 Green, M020 Red, M020 Black and M020 Blue. Larger Locktech safe model M031 offers a bigger internal capacity for both bulky items and expensive equipment such as mobile phones, laptops and accessories.

If it’s sensitive data such as computer media etc you which is your main concern to protect take a good look at the Locktech fire resistant data media safe EDS-O65 this data safe is specifically designed to give protection  to such sensitive items from the threat of heat, fire , smoke , humidity and theft .The Locktech EDS-065 features a 1 hour or 2 hour fire protection certified by KS 1 hour and SP NT-Fire 120P along with data certificate -60 diskette,90 data (data media safes only). They also provide great security with there three-way main bolt works with independent re-locking devices supported by two or three stationary locking bolts on the hinge side to deter and resist prying attacks.

For those wanting an extra large size safe such as a  single or double door safe to safely store those bulkier items these larger models in the locktech range being the ES-100 , ES-150 , ES- 350 and ES-700 are extremely popular with commercial environments including Supermarkets, Service Stations, Cigarette Tobacconist, Schools & Universities for exam papers, phone shops for storage of mobiles and pubs just to name a few. 

So if you have valuables or confidential documents at home or in your office that need to be locked away securely take a good look at the Locktech safe range and if need assistance to find the right safe for your requirements just give Safeguard Safes a call  or send a message on our contact page to speak to one of our friendly safe experts.

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