Key cabinets are a great way to safely store your keys

Key cabinets are a great way to safely store your keys

A key cabinet for your home or office will provide a combination of convenience with security. The large internal space means you can easily store house keys, car keys, proximity cards and fobs all in one convenient location. 

Lockable key cabinets come with a choice of locking options such as push button combination, dial mechanism, electronic digital or key. Most key cabinet locking functions are resettable.

We stock all the major brands in security key cabinets such as Telkee, HPC Kekab, Kidde, Creone and TaTa. Some trusted brand key storage safes are Guardall GSK100 key storage safe or the Kidde Touchpoint key cabinet 30 or Kidde Touchpoint 120 just to name a few.

Key cabinets are a popular choice by many schools, offices, real estates, Government & Defense departments, Universities & colleges, medical institutions and motor vehicle industry. Security key cabinets are an effective way to achieve a key management system and maintain easy key control and key storage. 

Key cabinets have the capacity to hold 35 keys up to 1000+ sets of keys and some models have adjustable and removable shelf panels.

Safeguard your keys in a key cabinet to reduce theft risk, minimize insurance exposure, meet your duty of care and enhance inventory control.

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