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Key cabinets maintain your keys in a secure organised key safe

High key security management systems are designed so companies who have large quantities of keys, who have swipe cards can store them away in a reliable secure and trusted large key safe or key cabinet that is a heavy duty key cabinet that provides high level of protection against forced entry. Commercial grade key cabinets are regularly used in industries such as real estates, car dealers, building management companies, commercial environments and engineering services.

All workplaces require key management and secure storage of keys so keys to rooms and areas in your business that have restricted access are always controlled so you know when the key was taken, by whom and for what area and it is crucial that the keys not be taken off site without authorization.

No matter what industry you work in, if high quantities of keys are extremely important to your operations for example hotels, schools or universities, fleet car operators, commercial or industrial building or sporting facilities, a lockable key cabinet should be an essential requirement for protecting your high security keys. It will give you peace of mind knowing that your premises are safe and secure and locked up and your restricted keys will not be used without your knowledge or authorization. Heavy duty key cabinets or key boxes are referred to as they are a sensible solution for rental car businesses in car yards, hospitals, schools, colleges, hotels and motels. Government departments, night clubs and pubs and more. Does not matter if you are a large corporation or a small self employed business, key cabinets offer storage that will store small numbers of single keys right up to your thousands of keys and if you want to store bundles of keys combined with jobs, swipe cards, cars and vehicle transponder key then Safeguard Safes key cabinets have the capabilities to store any amount of restricted or high security keys and if you need a custom built key control cabinet safe we will design and build a premium quality key cabinet to your specifications. High quality key cabinets or key cupboards usually come with numbered key tags and key control tags so you can allocate a number to a particular key and also assign it to a selected area. Other accessories key cabinets normally have are snap hooks to secure your keys on and hang them in an organised and numbered sequence inside your key cabinet. There are different types of locking options available on key cabinets including key operated, electronic digital locking combination lock or push button lock along with different sizes of key storage capacity. When customers ask which is the most secure lockable key cabinets, key cupboards or electronic key safes and the answer is no matter which one you choose it is better than none at all. A high security key management system will form a proven and effective method of controlling numbers of keys but without the proper policies and procedures in place when staff are using the controlled key cabinet then your security will be nil.

A key cabinet will allow you to stop carrying  large amounts of keys around and your key exposed to being lost or even worse stolen, you can simply do away with this by investing in a key safe. Just imagine no more bulky sets of keys, swipe cards, fobs or car keys. These can all be stored in one convenient place and be guarded by a heavy duty key safe 24 hours a day.

Buying a key cabinet is much cheaper and less time consuming than it would be if your keys are misplaced. Just think, the usual keys you carry and what you would need to do if they were lost – car keys, home keys, building or business keys, work fobs or swipe cards, not to mention any other keys you carry that may open up a vital area.

What you need to do when implementing a key management system

The most important question to ask yourself is what size key cabinet and how many keys do you need to store allowing for future expansion for extra keys that may be added in the future. What level of protection do you require and what security features do you want, also what locking mechanism option. Do you prefer dual locks, combination locks, mechanical locks or standard locks and the lock code is a resettable combination.Once you have answered these questions the next important part of the key cabinet safe function is to make sure it is fixed professionally to a solid wall, this will give your key cabinet safe maximum protection and make it more difficult to remove and having it securely anchored to a wall will make sure the weight is supported, so make sure the key safe or cabinet has pre-drilled bolt holes in the back. Check that the high quality key cabinet you choose comes supplied with all the necessities to create an efficient and organised key safe. Check that it has numbered key tags, key control tags, hanging hooks, etc.

A lot of today’s companies understand the risk associated with misuse of keys when they are not monitored and control company assets are vulnerable to theft and damage as often keys be just given out are often not returned or can be copied or duplicated without your knowledge or authority and you would never be aware this leaves your business open to exposure to criminal intent. So again we strongly suggest placing all keys into a quality lockable key cabinet and combined with a key management system with policies and procedures that will be your first line of defense against mismanaged keys.

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