Ideal Home Safes – Key Locking vs Electronic Digital Locking

which one is a better safe? key locking vs electronic digital safe

Home safes and office safes may come with electronic, digital locking or key locking so our experts offer their professional opinion to help you decide before making a decision to purchase or home or office safe with either locking option.

What the experts say you should choose:

Storing your valuables and other expensive items should be essential to home owners and business owners to protect all your hard earned assets from theft and burglary so once you have decided on the size and the fire protection and burglary protection the next thing to consider of your home or office safe is the locking function being key locking or digital locking.

Key Locking Safes

The key lock safe was the classic type of locking on a majority of older safes and proved to be both reliable as well as providing excellent security and because of this key locking safes are still manufactured by leading safe companies today and apart from the improved security features and advanced new designs by companies like K.J. Ross Security with their Ross key locks such as the Ross 102 series or their Ross 600 series, Ross 700 series and Ross 800 series safe and vault locks designed to resist picking, forced entry and optical intrusion.

Some of the disadvantages of a key lock safe is that you can lose your safe key or even worse if it is stolen, a thief or an unauthorised person has access to all your valuables in your safe. If your safe key is lost and your safe is locked and you do not have a spare key, a locksmith will be needed to open the key safe lock and this can be a very expensive and time consuming exercise. Another consideration especially for those with arthritis or hand injuries is it takes more effort in locking and unlocking a key lock.

Electronic Digital Safes: such as bank safes, high security vaults, commercial safes, jewellery safes, drug safes and Government container and cabinets.

A major user of electronic digital safes would be business environments as digital safe locks have many advanced features or can give business users options to suit when individual needs like businesses requiring hold up protection being digital delay locking or a multiple user option with an audit trail feature. Electronic digital can also come with biometric or finger scan access or specially designed digital lock for the Australian Government A Class & B Class applications such as the Kaba x 10 digital lock. Electronic safe locks or digital locks are supplied on the majority of home and office safes and are designed to keep the criminal out.

Electronic digital locks such as the Kaba LG Basic  and Secuream are popular high security electronic locks used on high quality safes as they are high quality, reliable and easy to use.

Some of the advantages of an electronic digital safe key lock is you don’t have to carry around a key or worry about losing it or it getting stolen. Electronic locks codes can be changed quickly and easily thousands of times by the owner with their own personal code and they are far quicker to open a key lock safe.

Electronic digital safe locks are not only suitable for new safes but many can be retrofitted in place of existing key locks or combination dials on safes allowing a complete upgrade of your existing safe.

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