How to choose a small home safe

how to choose a small home safe

Deciding on the most appropriate small safe for your requirements can be confusing as there are so many on the market these days. You need to know what to look for, things like size, locking mechanisms, weight just to mention a few.

This blog is written up to assist you in finding the right small home safe.

Home safes come in many shapes and sizes so a good starting point is to decide where you are going to locate your safe at home, making sure there are no area constraints or pipes etc that will stop you from fixing the safe in your chosen location. So before buying a safe, determine that it will fit. The benefit of a small safe is that it can be place in many more location a standard large safe can’t. Usually it can be hidden in a cupboard, wardrobe, on a shelf, or many other out of sight out of mind areas. Although we always recommend all safes no matter the weight be bolted down, small home safe has the advantage if you ever need to relocate into another position at home, or even move house. They are usually easy to handle and move. Typically the larger safe would take up far more room and is extremely heavy and costly to get moved. Although a small home safe may be light in weight, the hidden strength is in the burglars not being able to simply pick it up and take it way. As the strong bolt holes inside the safe give solid and secure fixing into its location. Small to medium house safes are generally far less expensive than larger safes due to the fact of these size. But if you invest in a good quality home safe, the design, construction, and security protection can be equal as the highest but it just means these manufactured in more of a compact design but still offering the highest level of defence.

We can only see a couple of minor concerns with a small home safe and typically the most common of these is the limited internal space as although when choosing a safe you may think what you get on the outside dimension is whats on the inside this is not the case. The majority of safes will always be smaller internally than externally so it is always advisable to check this thoroughly before buying a safe and remember whilst doing this check, keep in mind of items you may acquire in the future and wish to store in your safe.

The other concern a small home safe can present is a mentioned previously they can be easily removed if not bolted down or fixed into position securely but against this would only be the case if either it wasn’t bolted into position or if the bolting down was substandard lowing a burglar to simply rip it out and steal it.

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