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Home and Office Safes – Home protection and office protection

Why a home safe or office safe is a crucial security feature in any residence or business. Burglaries are on the increase along with break-ins, home invasions, theft and fire. Premium quality home safes or office safes are designed to protect against a series of attacks along with offering fire resistance, allowing you safety to store cash and valuables along with important paper documents, passports, birth certificates, titles or even irreplaceable items like family heirlooms or other sentimental precious family items. Have peace of mind knowing that your items are safe and secure in a certified burglary and fire resistant high quality safe.

A home or office safe is a safe investment, so ask yourself the question: “If I had a fire or burglary, are my most important items safe?”. 

Why ask this? Because fire is on the increase as more use of machinery, electrical equipment and many other petrol and gas driven equipment is used in homes and industries than ever before. 

Your home and business is one of your most important and valuable possessions, so don’t let it be an easy target for the unscrupulous and uncaring criminal, who would put no thought into how hard you have worked for all your possessions. 

A simple thing such as a quality residential or business office safe can deter burglary and lessen the chance of them stealing your hard earned items when locked in a safe.

Some trusted home or office safes as selected by our safe experts are:
CMI Homeguard Plus HG2+D & HG1+D.
Falcon Steelguard SG1 & Fortress FS1.
Burg Wachter Combi Line Safe 10E & 20S.
Chubb Senator M1 or Viper 35.

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