Hidden Wall Safes Offer Extra Protection

Like you see in the movies, the thief breaks in like a cat burglary through the wealthy person’s office or bedroom window, quickly looks behind all the expensive oil paintings to expose a combination dial wall safe. He quickly uses his stethoscope to find out the code and dial open the safe. This is simply not true. (This is all fictional.)

If your looking for wall safes then a good quality in-wall safe such as CMI Wall Safes WS1D, WS3D, WS6K and the W1D, W2D, W3D will give you a high quality wall safe. Because of their size, they can be concealed in the wall giving you the advantage of hiding it behind furnishing such as art work paintings, cupboards or false openings, etc.

Wall safes offer strong secure storage for all your small expensive items such as jewellery, cash and other valuables against burglary, theft and damage.

Safeguard Safes Wall Safes

Safeguard Safes is Australia’s most trusted online safe superstore

Safeguard offers a wide range of top quality in-floors or in-wall safes of various sizes, so before selecting a safe you should determine what type of valuables you want to store in it taking into consideration to allow a bit of extra room for things you may require in the future as you might be surprised at how little space there is for storage in a floor or wall safe. Also, it is extremely important to choose the most secure and safe location to install the safe, keeping it concealed and secret, so a burglar cannot easily find it and simply cut out the safe and take it with them to open at a later time.

We would strongly recommend to have your in-floor or in-wall safe professionally installed by a Safeguard Safe security licensed technician who has the skill, knowledge and experience to install your safe to provide maximum protection

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