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Guardall Safes have been the preferred choice by tens of thousands of Australian businesses and homeowners for over 35 years. The Guardall safes brand is known for its security and affordable prices. As one of Australia’s leading safe shops since 1982, Guardall Safes Sydney has become Australia’s leading safe suppliers outlets and Guardall safe warehouse throughout Australia. The Guardall safes in Melbourne or Guardall Safes Sydney along with Guardall safes Adelaide and the Brisbane Guardall safes teams distribute premium quality safe all over Australia every day. Safeguard Safes is Australia’s Number 1 safe experts. We stock the complete range of Guardall safes. We will always have the Guardall home safe or office safe in store along with the entire range of safes from many other leading safe brand names such as CMI, Burg Wachter, Ardel and Chubb safes. To make sure you select the best safe for your needs, our team at Safeguard Safes Melbourne or Safeguard Safes Sydney are on hand to assist you with expert advice on all the Guardall products, safe installations and safe maintenance.

Guardall Safes

Who Guardall Safes Are:

Guardall Safes was established in 1982 when the founders opened Guardall Safe Perth, Western Australia. Since then the company has grown and prospered and today boasts a national presence with a network of Guardall Safe warehouse outlets including Guardall Safe Melbourne, Guardall Safe Sydney, Guardall Safe Adelaide and Guardall Safe Perth.

They have a huge selection of over 90 different safe types to choose from including gun safes, home safes, business safes, deposit safes, drug safes, key safes and document data safes, so no matter what your safe need is, Guardall Safe will have a home or business security safe that will be extremely resilient against forced entry and fireproof safes.

The experts at Guardall also provide a professional installation safe service Australia wide including the fitting of in wall safes or in floor safes if you need your safe to be concealed or hidden in a inconspicuous location, so speak to an accredited Guardall safe installer or seller who will make sure your safe is bolted down or fitted properly under the floor or inside the wall for maximum protection to prevent forced entry, theft or damage in your commercial or residential premises. Guardall’s premium quality safes have remained affordable and competitively priced allowing more Australian business owners and homeowners to benefit from the robustly designed and exceptional quality safes. The Guardall safe have been designed to provide various functions including the protection of important and confidential paper documents, guns and other valuables like cash and jewellery safe along with the ability to help in such an event of floods, fire, theft or a natural disaster so you can see Guardall Safe have you covered.

Throughout Australia people trust the Guardall safe to secure their valuables with a safe “The Guardall Safes” recommended by professional locksmiths and safe experts Australia wide. These high quality safes have been protecting millions of Australian homes and businesses since 1982. Guardall range of safe offer a design and function whether it is a small home safe or long gun safe and all Guardall safe are manufactured from the finest steel sourced from trustworthy suppliers to produce premium quality safes that have been designed by safe engineers and construction at Guardall state of the art facilities and all safe go through rigorous testing prior to being released on the market.

Guardall has your safe needs covered

Guardall have over 90 types of safe to choose from and they have been in high demand for their safes in Sydney and safe in Melbourne because they can offer a safe to suit any home or office secure storage needs including:

What are other trustworthy brands to choose from in Australia safes

The choice of security safes is huge but if you select from leading safe brand names such as Chubb safes you can be assured the Chubb safe will be high quality and rigorously tested by international and independent accreditation bodies to guarantee the best protection against burglary, fire and damage as the Chubb Safes name is trusted the world over. Another name to consider in high security safes is CMI Safes which is an Australian family owned and operated safe manufacturing business established in 1940 and located in Carlton NSW and today is a trusted supplier to Australia’s leading national companies and also the preferred safe supplier to Government and financial institutions.

Safeguard Safes is Australia’s most trusted online safe superstore


Safe names such as Diplomat, Burg Wachter and Locktech, Ardel safes, also have a long and established presence in the Australian safe market and have earned a reputation for supplying premium fire safes, data safes, filing cabinets, home fireproof safes. Our safe experts suggest all the trusted brands are high quality safes designed to prevent theft, fire and burglary providing protection you can depend on.


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