Deposit Drop Safes

deposit drop safes

“Safety deposit boxes” will keep your valuables safe and secure, and are a good investment to store important possessions. The only downside to this is when considering the safety deposit box option, is you need to go to the deposit box facility every time you want to make a deposit. Safety deposit boxes or safety deposit lockers as some people call them, are deposit safes that are usually stored in a high security state-of-the-art premises. The deposit box is only accessible to the key holder and their primary use is to store valuable possessions that people don’t want to keep at their home or workplace. 

“Safety deposit boxes” or “safety deposit lockers” are not the same as a “cash deposit safe”. The difference is that a standard cash deposit safe has a deposit chute or deposit slot in it that allows cash deposits or valuables to be deposited into the safe without opening it. Deposit safes or drop safes as they are sometimes referred to are an ideal way to deposit money and other expensive or important items into the safe without opening the main safe door. Retail deposit safes come with different types of deposit chutes including envelope deposit slot safes, deposit chute safes, depository safes, deposit drawer safes, drawer trap deposit safes, cash management deposit safes, under counter deposit safes. 

Commercial cash deposit safes are perfect for retail outlets, restaurants, hotels, petrol stations, offices and any other environment where cash is handled daily. Top rated cash deposit safes will  have a postal deposit slot with an anti-fishing plate fitted to stop removals of deposits once made. 

Some good reasons why your business needs to invest in a [safe deposit box] or a premium quality [cash deposit safe] is to stop theft in the workplace as this is rapidly increasing and it’s not always cash the thieves target. Be aware of valuables left laying around in the office or at home, as criminals are breaking into these types of  premises everyday. Don’t be a victim! Be prepared and buy a safe from a reputable safe company where you can purchase a cash deposit safe or safety deposit box that will guard your content from the risk of theft, so even if your home or business is targeted by a crook, you have a strong safe to defend all your valuables. We always suggest that you make sure any cash deposit safes in Australia have bolt holes in it, so it can be anchored down to the floor or to a wall. This way a burglar cannot simply steal the whole safe away with your valuables in it. 

Some handy information about [deposit drop safes] to keep in mind, when selecting this type of safe is that the deposit chute or deposit slot comes in various dimensions and opening versions, such as under counter deposit safes, deposit drawer safes, time delay cash deposit safes, deposit chute safes. And also the deposit opening in the safes are available in different positions on the deposit safe, including rear deposit chute safes, through the wall deposit chute safes, front deposit chute safes or on top of the safe being envelope slot deposit safes or titled deposit chute. They come in different security levels for the amount of cash to be stored in them. Here at Safeguard Safes, we stock the largest selection of premium quality drop deposit safes from the leading safe brands at Australia’s most affordable prices. Our top rated and trusted deposit safe brands include [CMI deposit safes], [Chubbsafes deposit safes], [Guardall deposit safes], [Diplomat deposit safes], Ardel deposit safes and many more. Some of these major safe brands and their most popular drop safes are having a super sales specials, but only whilst stocks last. These deposit safes can be viewed on our website We will deliver quickly as our safes are sent throughout Australia everyday including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Canberra. You can save time and money by buying a safe online. We have you covered no matter which type of money depository safe your retail store needs, as a cash guard safe or a deposit container. Speak to the safe experts for professional advice.

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