Chubb Air Safes on sale at Safeguard Safes

Chubb Air Safes on sale at Safeguard Safes

The Chubb Air Burglary Resistant safes are available in three different sizes such as the Chubb Air 15 safe, Chubb Air 25 Laptop safe and the Chubb Air Hotel EL safe. The three sizes offer 9, 16 and 24 litre capacities. The Air 25 Laptop safe is the largest and is designed to accommodate most laptop computers. The Chubb Air series of safes are compact and ideal for your home or office. The Chubb Air Hotel safe offers burglary protection in hotel rooms, student residences and other high turnover accommodations. 

Some of the key security features of the Chubb Air safe models are: 

  • The safes are constructed of 4mm thick steel door, 2mm thick steel body frame.
  • Anchoring kit included to prevent unauthorised removal.
  • Choice of key or electronic digital lock. The Air Hotel lock alternatives can have electronic locking with Audit trail.

As with all Chubb high quality safes you can be assured when purchasing a Chubb Air safe that it has been tested by experienced operators to make sure it provides the appropriate level of protection it was designed for.

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