Australia’s most trusted brands as selected by safe experts

Australia’s most trusted brands as selected by safe experts

Australia’s 6 trusted safe brands rated excellent by our safe experts are Falcon Safe, Chubb Safes, CMI Safe, Diplomat Safe, Guardall and Burg Wachter. When investing in a home or office safe you can have peace of mind knowing that if you purchase a safe from one of the leading safe brands you are guaranteed of a high quality safe.

Falcon Safes – The world’s trusted safe

As a leading safe manufacturer the Falcon Safe products are sold worldwide and their safes are recognized for being of high quality and high strength. They are designed and engineered to give extra protection against theft, fire and burglary to guard your cash, jewellery and documents.

Falcon makes all types of safes for all kinds of applications and situations such as fire resistant home safes & office safes, low cost gun safes, and TDR (Torch & Drill Resisting) safes, just to mention a few. At Safeguard Safes we guarantee you the lowest prices, saving you time and money. 

Some of Falcon Safes most popular safes are:

Chubb Safes

Chubb Safes is a name trusted in the world for their superior quality safes, vaults and vault doors. Chubb Safes are known for their reliability and strength. The Chubb manufacturer combined experience with innovation to create a trustworthy safe for maximum protection against burglary, fire and explosives. 

Chubb Safes have a huge selection of safes such as: 

Chubb Safes has guaranteed certified strength with their fire and burglary protection safes. Their products have been tested and approved by world famous verification institutes and have gained the following certification and accreditation being:

Fire protection certification: ECB-S, EN1047-1, EN15659, UL72 Class 125, UL72 Class 350, NT Fire017/60/120DIS.

Burglary protection certification: EN11450, EN1143-1, EN1300, EN1127, UL687, UL608, UL1034

CMI Safe

CMI Safe is an Australian owned leading safe manufacturer established in 1946 and located in Carlton NSW. CMI Safes are recognized in the safe industry as an exceptional quality safe offering excellent craftsmanship in their design and construction, whilst offering the highest level of security and fire protection. 

CMI Safe are the preferred supplier to many Government and Defense departments with their SCEC Endorsed safes. These are as follows:

CMI provides an extensive range of domestic safes and commercial safes, which include drug safes DS900C or DS1K or their very popular pistol safes PS1D or PS2D and the rifle safe SS14-D just to mention a few.

Guardall High Quality Safes

Guardall safes is known as one of Australia’s leading safe manufacturers and suppliers since their establishment in 1982. Guardall safes is the first choice for the Professional locksmiths as well as thousands of Australian homes and business owners. Guardall provides safes for every function, whether it is a small home safe or large gun safe or maybe you need a drug safe or data & document safe. 

No matter what safe, Guardall offers a wide range of affordable high grade and fire resistant safes. So whatever your safe needs may be, Guardall Safes has a broad and diverse product range including high grade commercial safe BFG100-S3 & BFG400-S3, bank safes, cash safes KCR615 & KCR510, jewellery safes, business safes KS1 & KS2 and deposit safes FLD1 & FLD5, fire rated filing cabinets GDF 3000 & GDF 4000. They are all produced at their state-of-the-art facilities and all safes are put through rigorous testing for strength and quality.

Diplomat Safes

Diplomat Safes has been a leading safe manufacturing business in Korea for over 36 years and supplies high quality safes worldwide. Diplomat Safes produce a large variety of security safes such as their very popular home & office safes 530EN & 125EN and their data safes DS1125EN & DT2825EH. Also the fire resistant filing cabinet series DFC4000E & DFC3000E are used widely by many businesses throughout Australia.

The Diplomat key safes KC64 & KC100 along with their deposit safes SC50S & DS25 are widely used in the commercial and retail industry. Diplomat fire safes are all certified in heat endurance, tested by worldwide verification institutes and have gained distinguished certification & accreditations to assure you of a high quality product.

Some of the certifications that the Diplomat safe range have, are as follows: ISO9001 certified, UL Class 350-1 hour certified, SP60P-90P-120P certified, KSG4500 & P-1 TKS certified, ECB-S certified EN1143-1/ EN14450. These certificates guarantee that the Diplomat safe you purchase, has been rigorously checked and approved by the certifying body.

Burg Wachter Safes

Burg Wachter has always been the first choice for home & hotel safes such as Point Safes P1E or P2E, along with the very popular Combi Line series 10E or 20E safes. They offer fire and burglary resistance certification for the storage of documents, cash, jewellery, firearms and valuables.

They offer 3 security standards in one safe being Level B according to VDMA 24992, 595 also Level S2 according to DNEN14450 and fire resistance LFS 30P according to EN15659 – 30 minutes.

Other certified safes in the Burg Wachter range are Karat safe MT24NE or MT26NE. Also the Diplomat MTD34F60E Fingerscan or the commercial fire & security Doku safe 121E & 124E. Burg Wachter has a rich history of manufacturing high quality products with German precision engineering.

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