Ardel Drug Safes

ardel drug safe

Ardel drug safes are a high quality medical safe specifically designed and built in an Australia to Australian Healthy Department specifications for the secure storage of dangerous and addictive prescription drugs.

The Ardel Drug Safe range will provide superior drug storage and protection against theft, misuse and attack. They are the preferred choice by Government Department, hospitals, pharmacies, aged care facilities, veterinary clinics, doctor, surgeons and the general medical sectors.


  • Complies with the drug, poisons and controlled substances regulations act 2008
  • Suitable for the use in all states and territories
  • Heavy duty 10mm steel plate construction of door and body
  • 4 mounting holes in the back and 4 mounting holes on the base
  • Adjustable and removable shelving for optimum storage and space
  • Internal full length anti pry hinges to prevent attack by force
  • All models are available with key, digital or card swipe access control to provide full audit reporting
  • Hinging available in standard hand or optional left hand hinging
  • Hardened anti drill plate protect lock mechanism
  • 5 year warranty on Drug Safe and 1 year on lock

Why is the Ardel Drug Safe the first choice by more medical professionals?

The Ardel Drug safes are known throughout the Health care industry for their superb design for the secure storage of dangerous controlled drugs such as 58. They are widely used all over Australia in such premises as retail pharmacies, research laboratories, universities, hospitals, nursing homes and other similar locations where a security drug cabinet is needed to protect addictive drugs.

Ardel have been manufacturing drug safes in Australia for over 35 years and have earned a reputation for their high quality reliance and security. Pharmaceutical Grade drug safe incorporate the latest design improvements in drug safe security for example they can be integrated into existing hospital security systems.

Ardel Drug Safes can be custom engineered and built to your individual specifications whilst still manufacturing compliancy with Australian Government and Statutory regulations giving full access control and monitoring over all drug safes on site.

Check out the Ardel Drug Safes brochure for more information. Alternatively you could contact us by visiting our website, or calling us on 1300 764 971, and one of our safes expert will help you out.