Ardel DC Drug Safe

ardel DC drug safe

The Ardel DC drug safes are fully Australian made. The Ardel DC drug safe series are specifically designed to protect dangerous and addictive drugs such as S8.

The Ardel steel drug cabinets offers excellent protection against forceful attack. All models are strongly constructed with 10 mm thick steel plate door and body. The protection anti-pry bar provides additional strength by securing the door should the hinges be cut or dislodged the door still cannot be removed, this would provide a high degree of resistance against attack by force. The back and base of this premium quality drug safe is pre-drilled (14 mm diameter mounting holes 4 in the base and 4 in the back) to provide secure fixing to a wall or floor for the highest level of protection.

Storage for the maximum number of medication containers of various sizes is provided by the allowance of removable and adjustable shelves which can be set in any position to accommodate these dangerous drugs.

This high quality drug safe is designed and engineered to Australian specifications to comply with the Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances Regulations Act 2008. The locking mechanisms is available in key, combination or digital. All digital models are available with upgrades including time delay, multi-user or audit trail. The DC drug safe can also incorporate card swipe access to provide full trail reports, and may be integrated into existing access control systems.

All drug safes come standard right hand hinged or available in optional left hand hinging.

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